Saturday, December 15, 2018

UPDATE: Meet the members of the Baseball Hall of Fame Today's Game Era Committee

Photo credits:  Jerry Reinsdorf (Forbes), Pat Gillick (Lehigh Valley Live), Tony LaRussa (Twitter)

Tony La Russa takes ‘High Heat’ over Harold Baines Hall of Fame pick, gives it right back.  (San Jose Mercury News, 12/14/2018)
Baines is a different story. I have shied away from raging Hall of Fame controversies — save for Pete Rose, who belongs in the Hall with a plaque that tells his full story, warts and all. Beyond that, one voter’s Bill Mazeroski is another’s Phil Rizzuto. But Baines stunned me and many others. He was a wonderful player, but there simply is not enough there there for a Hall call. 
I’m being gentle, by the way.

Original 12/11/2018 post, "Baseball journeymen, rejoice!  There might be a place at Cooperstown for you, too!", starts here.

Photo credit:  Baseball Reference

Reported in Harold Baines, Lee Smith elected to Baseball Hall of Fame.  (ESPN, 12/10/2018)

Perhaps the Today's Game Era Committee was swayed by this recent video.

This video showcases former professional baseball all-star Harold Baines. Produced by 
Xavier Ross for the White Sox Contest 2018. Percy L Julian High School, Chicago, IL.

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