Friday, March 2, 2018

Auto tour of Rocky Bluff neighborhood, Madison WI

Video by Retiring Guy

Source:  Rocky Bluff Neighborhood Association (City of Madison)

  • North:  University Avenue 
  • East:  North Franklin Avenue on the east
  • South:  Bluff Street and DuRose Terrace'
  • West:  Palomino Lane, Quarry Park

Until a few weeks ago, I had driven through the Rocky Bluff neighborhood hundreds of times without realizing it was anything more than an agglomeration of single-family homes and small apartment building.  It wasn't until I read a 1/22/2018 Capital Times article about the demise of Party Port and a University Avenue redevelopment project on its compact site (Developer works to accommodate concerns of 'neighborhood in a forest' on University Avenue) that I learned this area of Madison has a name.

Madison's Rocky Bluff Neighborhood Association takes its identity as a “neighborhood in a forest” seriously. So seriously, in fact, that when discussing a proposed redevelopment of the Party Port site on University Avenue, some residents were concerned that light and noise pollution from the project could affect the “area’s cherished, unique” Katydid (AKA bush cricket) population.
Digging through the Madison Central Library's vertical files last night for any additional information about Rocky Bluff's history and development, I was disappointed to find that the drawer with the 'neighborhood' folders jumped from 'Richmond Hill' to 'Rolling Meadows'.
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"Friendly, close-knit Near West Side neighborhood. Residents dwell in an urban forest on quiet, mature tree-lined streets and enjoy the trails in beautiful Quarry Park."

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