Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Scott Walker and his fawning Donald Trump connection, chapter 2

“I’m thrilled that as part of his ongoing and repeated visits across the Midwest, President Trump will be returning to Wisconsin — and I appreciate him showing his support for our bold conservative reforms while he’s here," Walker said in a campaign statement. In 2014, Trump gave the maximum $10,000 donation to Walker's campaign.

Chapter 1 

Years before Donald Trump, Scott Walker was already dividing us.  (Capital Times, 11/17/2017)
For years, Walker has been sending the same message to voters that Trump sent in 2016: “Your life isn’t what you’d hoped for, and it’s those people — public workers, liberals and people of color — who are to blame. And I will stick it to them.” And he has.

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Donald Trump is losing his base support, new poll finds.  (Independent, 11/19/2017)
The results come after GOP lawmakers, including Arizona Senator Jeff Flake and Tennessee Senator Bob Corker, criticised Mr Trump. Both Senators plan to retire after their terms end. Mr Flake said Mr Trump’s actions were “dangerous to our democracy”. The new numbers also come as more evidence of links between the Trump campaign and Russia come to light.

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