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Oakland on Monroe UPDATE. The final shot

Photo by Retiring Guy

2-bedroom floor plan

7/17/2018 update, "The building is now occupied, the street is still torn up", starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

3/15/2018 update, "First residents of Oakland on Monroe just can't wait until move-in day", starts here.

Photo and video by Retiring Guy

2/12/2018 update, "Three views of the Oakland on Monroe from Oakland Avenue", starts here.

From Oakland Avenue and Madison Street

From the alley crossing Oakland Avenue between Monroe and Madison streets

From Monroe Street and Oakland Avenue
All photos by Retiring Guy

164 square feet larger than the floor plan shown in 1/4/2018 update.

1/4/2018 update starts here.

The brick building at right contains 3 nicely remodeled -- including wood floors - four-bedroom apartments.  One of them is currently availale to rent at $1,995 per month.

Photos by Retiring Guy 

You won't get nearly as much space for your money at Oakland on Monroe, scheduled to open on May 1st.  Rents range from $1,315 to $2,100 per month.  All of the floor plans shown are studio or 1-bedroom.  Here's an example of the layout of 18 of the 44 units. 

 Alley view.

11/8/2017 update, "Hey folks, we're also bulking up at Monroe Street upscale mixed-use development", starts here.

From the Monroe Street/Regent Street/ Crazyleg Lane triangle

From just about where Larry and Martha used to liv on Oakland Street.

Sneakin' Sally through the alley.  (But only if Sally is my iPhone.)

Looking across Monroe Street

9/22/2017 update, Second-story framing underway at Monroe Street upscale mixed-use development", starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

9/3/2017 update, "Structural work takes shape at Monroe Street upscale mixed-use development", starts here.

Photo and video by Retiring Guy

8/13/2017 update, "Foundation work continues at Monroe Street upscale mixed-use development", starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

Waiting for floor plans to be posted at Gregg Shimanski Realty Inc

5/28/2017 update, "Excavation work continues and foundation work underway", starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy


CaS4 doesn't do Facebook much anymore.

5/13/2017 update, "Razing completed and excavation underway at Monroe Street mixed-use development", starts here.

The razing was well underway by April 18th.

All photos by Retiring Guy

And now the excavation is underway.

3/27/2017 update, "Buildings to be razed for Monroe Street mixed-use development are now vacant", begins here.

From either angle....

....nicht zu Haus.

Photos by Retiring Guy

You'll be able to move in just in time for this big project!

Source:  City of Madison

Leonard St. to Regent St. translation:  Edgewood College to the UW Field House.

Happy motoring!

3/14/2017 update, "Construction of Monroe Street mixed-use development to begin soon", starts here.

Photo by Retiring Guy

Monroe Street development to feature upscale apartments, possibly a bank.  (Capital Times, 3/1/2017)
One  less story to construct.  The 61,000 square-foot [44-unit] building will host studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, all of which include balconies.There are 43 underground parking spaces, a gym and community living area.

CaS4 rendering

Original 4/14/2016 post, "Another mixed-use development proposed for Madison's Monroe Street". starts here.

The building at center would be razed to make way for a 5-story mixed-use development. 

Photo by Retiring Guy

Developer says Monroe Street mixed-use proposal addresses future parking needs.  (Capital Times, 2/13/2016)
Shimanski wants to demolish the office building he occupies at 1603-05 Monroe St. and a rental house at 1609 Monroe St. to construct a five-story building with commercial space, 44 apartments and four condominium units.  (Rendering included with article.)

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