Saturday, July 6, 2013

Rats in my Room, Fish in my Dish, Fly in my Eye, Goat in my Boat, Bear in my Hair, Snakes in my Cakes

This song is dedicated to anyone who listened to WKBW (AM 1520 in Buffalo New York) during the summer of 1963.

Local Radio Is Dead And I Am Sad. (Geoff Fox: My Permanent Record, 4/29/2009)

Excerpt:    My favorite station was WKBW in Buffalo. I couldn’t hear it until the Sun set. I was a member of Joey Reynold’s “Royal Order of the Night People” and listened to Danny Nevereth, Bud Ballou and Sandy Beach. Rod Roddy, who later became the announcer on “The Price is Right” did overnights on KB–and I listened.

Buffalo Wouldn’t be Buffalo Without Dan Neaverth.  (Living Prime Time, January 2004)

Excerpt: You’d think a man who is a Buffalo legend might have a big ego. Not at all. Dan Neaverth is the same person he was in South Buffalo all those years ago. I guess that’s what makes him so likeable. That down-to-earth quality comes through on the air and is probably the secret of his popularity.

Guess we gotta go with the second spelling.

Joey Reynolds.  (WKBW Radio)

Excerpt:  Joey Reynolds (Joey Pinto) was a Seneca Street, south Buffalo boy who became a rock radio superstar at WKBW in the early 1960s.  He is acknowledge [sic]  as radio's first "shock jock" years before the term was coined.  Never [one] to shy away from making comments that made other [sic] cringe, Reynolds created many headaches for program directors.  (Forget for the moment the need for a proofreader, this is the Joey Reynolds I remember.)

The Joey Reynolds Show is a Great Bedtime Companion. This Talk Show is AM Radio at Its Best.  (Yahoo News, 10/28/2008)

Excerpt:   The Joey Reynolds Show maintains a truly unique format and presence in the world of talk radio, particularly overnight talk shows. Tuning- in to The Joey Reynolds Show is like visiting with some dear old friends, albeit some creative, funny, outspoken and sometimes, unconventional and controversial friends. Joey Reynolds regularly holds- court with an entertaining roster of friends and/ or guests from all walks of life. Leader of what he refers to as The Royal Order of the Night People, Joey Reynolds has a knack for leading conversations that are simultaneously interesting, informative and fun.

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