Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rhode Island's Central Falls Library Rejoins Statewide Network

Adams Memorial Library

Central Falls library to rejoin statewide borrowing system, increase hours. (Providence Journal, 11/30/2011)

Excerpt: Citing increased donations and volunteers' efforts, the city's library announced Tuesday it will expand hours and rejoin the Ocean State Libraries system, a statewide borrowing network.

The Adams Memorial Library closed in July as the city sought to cut costs and avoid a bankruptcy filing. Because of the cuts, the library lost its affiliation with the statewide borrowing network and had to issue its own library cards.

The library reopened in September with reduced hours and with a staff of volunteers

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1 comment:

Bruce said...

Paul, thank you once again for your coverage of our library. We're all pretty excited to be rejoining the state's library consortium and returning the ability for the city's citizens to have access to not only expanded hours at their own library, but access to the state's other libraries.

The best is still yet ahead.

Bruce Kaplan,
Transition Team,
Adams Memorial Library