Monday, April 19, 2010

People StyleWatch Bucks Magazine Industry Trend

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People StyleWatch numbers
2009 circulation up 8/6% to 802,000.
2009 industry-wide average:  -2.2%
2010 Q1 ad pages +130%
2010 industry-wide average: -9.4%

Link to April 19 New York Times magazine, "An Inclusive Magazine of Fashion".

Excerpt:   People StyleWatch, a magazine that covers trends, is riding the crest of several of them. Cheap, disposable fashion has helped it: Topshop and H&M pump out stylish, low-cost items meant to be worn for a season, then thrown away. Those mass-market clothes are the basis of StyleWatch’s coverage.

Where Vogue presents itself as an elite insider in the fashion world, StyleWatch throws open the doors. It defangs intimidating trends (“Would you wear ... super-slouchy harem pants?”), running pages of under-$100 clothes, and reassuringly shows celebrities wearing the same item over and over. “It’s about being inclusive,” said Susan Kaufman, StyleWatch’s editor

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Gerard said...

If only serials and magazines had modern response times (not a three month wait like some) on subscriptions serials controls were easier to do.