Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Do you know your geography?: America's most-wired cities

Link to March 2 Forbes article.

Excerpt: Raleigh's win means it ranks higher overall than any other U.S. city in three measures: [1] broadband penetration, [2] broadband access and [3] plentiful wi-fi hot spots. Taken together, the factors point to a populace that readily uses high-speed Internet inside and outside the home.

At stake is more than just bragging rights. As the U.S. formulates a national broadband plan designed to connect the entire country to fast, affordable Internet, Raleigh and other top-ranking Wired Cities could serve as models for change.

Though a surprise winner, Raleigh boasts plenty of technology assets, including a high concentration of info-tech companies, research universities and state government offices

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