Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Carolyn Hummel Randas (1944-2015) Warren Area High School Class of 1962

1962 Dragon yearbook

1967 Warren City Director
  • Hummel Carolyn L emp Bell Tel r 434 Prospect
  • Hummel K M emp Sylvania 4 434 Prospect
 I assume K M Hummel is Carolyn's dad.

1983 Warren City Directory
  • Randas Andrew & Carrie tchr Warren Area High School h 200 Woods Rd (NW)
  • Randas Carrie Mrs drftswn Bell Tel h 200 Woods Rd (NW)
NW = North Warren

Mr. Randas was my 8th grade geography teacher and 9th grade basketball coach.

'Carolyn' was especially popular during the 1940s.  (My cousin Carolyn was born in 1949.)

Compare 'Caroline'. 

Note:  The website now limits searches to '1900 & later'.

Other members of the WAHS Class of 1962
Eleanor Haight Jones.  (12/10/2014)
Cheryl Quiggle Wuertzer.  (12/3/2014)
Martha Mathis Frederick.  (11/4/2014)
Sarah Andrews Ahlgren.  (10/7/2014)

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