Monday, June 7, 2010

Town Chairman's Proposal to Change Library Funding Formula Gets Cool Reaction

Pauline Haass Public Library (Sussex, Wisconsin) 

Link to June 1 Sussex Sun article.

Excerpt:   Town Chairman Matt Gehrke's proposal to change the funding formula for the Pauline Haas Library is getting mixed reviews from some of his fellow Town Board members and is not being embraced by one key Sussex village official.

Meanwhile, Library Director Kathy Klager urged the elected officials to focus first on amending the agreement that created the joint community library and deal with funding formula issues later.

Klager said planning for the future of the library will become "problematic" unless there is a change to a clause in the agreement that enables either community, after 2014 when building bonds are retired, to terminate the agreement with 90 days notice.

"Because of that clause, we cannot plan on even technical and mundane things like buying a new boiler," Klager said, pointing out that there are no assurances the library can survive from one year to the next because of the termination clause

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