Monday, May 13, 2019

GET ME REWRITE: Another Foxconn exec wings it


Quoted in Foxconn says empty buildings in Wisconsin are not empty.  (The Verge, 4/12/2019)
At the event announcing the Madison project, Foxconn’s Alan Yeung said the innovation centers were “not empty,” which prompted laughter from the crowd. Yeung also said The Verge’s story contained “a lot of inaccuracies” and that the company would issue a correction soon. He did not say what those inaccuracies were, and Foxconn never issued a correction, nor has it responded to repeated requests to clarify Yeung’s statement.

Keeping tabs on Foxconn Place in
Eau Claire
Green Bay

Original 2/23/2019 post, "Foxconn exec wings it", starts here.

'Photo' is YouTube Jing

Foxconn exec: 'We're building the airplane while we're flying'.  (, 2/22/2019)

Yes, we know.   A disaster in the making.

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