Friday, December 8, 2017

Make America Great Again: By extention, Ray Moore's favorite musician must be Stephen Foster

Quoted in Roy Moore:  Last time America was 'great' was during 'slavery'.  (Newsweek, 12/7/2017)

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What is Roy Moore's record on civil rights?  (al.cpm, 11/27/2017)
On the campaign trail, Republican U.S. Senate candidate raised eyebrows when he said the last time America was great was when families were united "even though we had slavery." 
But Moore's history of questionable remarks and actions on civil rights dates back to before the campaign. 
In 2004, Moore opposed proposed Amendment 2 to the Alabama Constitution, which would have stricken language mandating that schools be segregated and makes mention of poll taxes
Two excerpts from Can't escape Stephen Foster.  (The New Yorker, 3102014)
Which is to say that Southern nostalgia was, in part, invented by a Yankee who spent almost no time in the South, long before the South was even something to be nostalgic about. 
“Oh, Susanna” is sung from the point of view of an African-American man, apparently free and wandering with a banjo from Alabama to Louisiana (in 1846!). He sings in a thick dialect that is Foster’s own invention, and the second verse, which is never sung today, contains the unforgettable line:

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