Saturday, April 8, 2017

Washington Post: Shoppers seeking out $88 shirts, $95 sunglasses

Sources:  Warby Parker, Bonobos

The troubles at the American mall are coming to a boil.  (Washington Post, 4/5/2017)
It doesn’t help any of these legacy bricks-and-mortar companies that customers are increasingly seeking out under-the-radar labels with a more specialized, boutique feel. The likes of Bonobos, Warby Parker, Shinola and Marine Layer are picking off shoppers that might once have filled their closets with goods from more ubiquitous chains.

Not to mention this $800 watch from Shinola.

In many areas, the problems have already boiled over.

Now you see it.  Now you don't.  (Photos by Retiring Guy)

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UPDATE: The deadest of dead malls is gone, razed.  (1/3/2016)

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