Monday, February 15, 2016

Central Florida school librarians: Reporter Angela Jacobs wonders if you have a certain book on your shelves

Curiously, this news story was delivered to me via a "library crime" Google alert.

The reporter concludes:  "Now we're checking to see if this book may have made it into elementary collections in other Central Florida schools."

Third-grader finds inappropriate book in Seminole County school library. (CBS47, 2/4/2016)
I suspect Ginny Maziarka would say the book is not appropriate for any library. “When the parent brought that to the attention of the principal, we immediately took a look at it and realized yes, that’s a teen-reader book, not appropriate for elementary school age students,” said Michael Lawrence of the Seminole County School District.

Booklist recommends for grades 8-11.

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