Friday, August 7, 2015

Scott Walker headline news: 'Aggressively normal' is just another way of saying 'drab'

He offered a workmanlike performance, neither memorable nor problematic. In a nod to his evangelical faith — and perhaps the heavy makeup of religious conservatives in Iowa, the first nominating state — Walker said that his faith informs his approach to leadership.

Republican presidential debate: 8 takeaways.  (CNN, 8/6/2015)
Where was Walker?
Walker, who has consistently placed in second or third place in recent polls, didn't come away with a big moment from the debate. 

He stayed on message and delivered concise responses to the questions he was asked, but his responses were drab and he didn't break out from the rest of the field.

Drab.  Just like his recent poll numbers.  

In Georgia.

In South Carolina.

In Florida.

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