Saturday, July 18, 2015

Absentee corporate owner of apartment complex sez 'yes' to ice cream, 'no' to books

Landmark's take on the summer slide.

Raleigh apartment complex bans Lacy Elementary School’s bookmobile.  (Raleigh News-Observer, 7/17/2015)
Teachers from Lacy Elementary School load up their cars once a week with donated books to read with students in the neighborhoods where they live, including the Grand Arbor Reserve complex off Lake Boone Trail. The goal is to keep kids reading during the summer months so they don’t lose what they learned during the school year. 

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During a stop at the complex last month, Lacy volunteers were told by apartment management staff that they couldn’t return. A company policy forbids any event at the complex unless it is sponsored by the corporate owner, Landmark Apartment Trust.

“This new policy serves to protect the interests of our residents and the property owner,” Jeannette Steele, regional director of Landmark, said in a statement. Another company statement praised Lacy for its efforts, adding that Landmark is “exploring other ways to support this very noble cause.”

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