Wednesday, April 8, 2015

UPDATE: Meet Matt Salmon, Babbling Brook

The babbling brook.  On the radio.

We should all be mad as hell that such a raving lunatic is in Congress.
  • 100% lifetime score.  Americans for Prosperity.
  • 100% across the board.  Phyllis Schafly's Eagle Forum.
  •   95% lifetime score.  American Conservative Union.
  •     7% in 2014.  American Civil Liberties Union.

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G.O.P. Is Divided as Budget Bills Start Piling Up. (The New York Times, 8/8/2015)

Photo credit:  U.S. Congress
Text credit:  NYT

Here's what Rep. Salmon has to say about climate change.  
“I found the source of global warming is coming from the hot air coming out of Washington.”

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