Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Get me rewrite: Two years ago, James Wigderson offered no disparaging words to students in mostly white Arrowhead Union High School District

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Reported in MPS rebukes conservative writer who called students 'little convicts' in column about new athletic fields.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/11/2018)

Wigderson makes to disparaging remarks about students in his mention of this plush locker room upgrade -- in a school district where the population is 93.8% white.

The story became national news.

Wisconsin high school unveils $662,000 locker room renovations.  (Sports Illustrated, 2/267/2015)
The total cost of the renovations came to $662,602, according to Superintendent Craig Jefson. 
Some members of the community questioned the appropriateness of spending such a large sum of money on the facility.

Sources:  Census Reporter (Arrowhead), UWSP (Milwaukee), QuickFacts (Wisconsin)

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