Monday, January 8, 2018

2 of the 13 UW-Madison campus buildings due for the wrecking ball

13 Campus Buildings Due for the Wrecking Ball.  (On Wisconsin, Winter 2017)

View of Susan B. Davis Residence Hall (left) and Zoe Bayliss Women's Cooperative (right) from North Park Street and Clymer Place.
All photos by Retiring Guy

Davis Hall is currently home to 30 freshmen women, each living in her own room. A diverse, international community, the women who live at the Zoe Bayless Co-op are responsibile for the cleaning and administration of the facility.

View of Davis and  Bayless from Clymer Place and Bernard Court

 Built as a low-cost coop, Zoe Bayless House opened on October 11, 1955, and housed 50 women.  Room and board:  $53 per month.

View from West Johnson Street

Construction of the Susan B. Davis House, also a women's cooperative and identical in design to the Zoe Bayless House, began in April 1961 and was completed in May 1962.  

View of Bayless from University near North Park

Davis Hall single room 3-D layout

View of Bayless, mostly, from University and North Park

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