Friday, February 17, 2017

UPDATE. Rasmussen and Fox News do all they can to boost Trump's approval ratings

Gallup (at right) and Rasmussen are daily tracking polls.

2/11/2017 update, "Trump approval rating shrivels since Inauguration Day", starts here.

Source:  Gallup Daily

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Donald Trump thinks approval ratings are rigged. That's scarier than you think.  (Vox, 1/18/2017)
So if Trump does dismiss these numbers, that means he’s ignoring one of the only things that can hold him back. Instead of taking polls as indicators — imperfect indicators, but still — that something is going wrong and he might want to pivot for his own good, he might not consider them at all. If he abuses the pardon power and his favorability plummets, he won’t notice. If he repeals Obamacare without replacing it and the country rebels, he won’t believe that Americans view that as a mistake.

2/8/2017 update, "Methodology or bias:  Rasmussen continues to be the outlier", starts here.

Why have Rasmussen polls been outliers for the past few months?  (Reddit)

The Rasmussen daily tracking poll is down from a peak of 59% on January 27.

Keep in mind that almost all of the final group of 2016 presidential polls were within the margin of error.  

But not Rasmussen.  (Margin of error:  +/-2.5%)

2/3/2017 update, " Rasmussen continues to prop up Trump's approval rating", starts here.

Original 1/30/2016 post, "At Rasmussen, it's sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows for Donald Trump", starts here.

That would be the daily tracking poll that shows Trump's approval rating considerably higher than anyone else's findings.

If nothing else, it gives Breitbart News a reason to concoct this happy/happy/joy/joy headline for its readers.

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