Friday, July 1, 2016

John Peterson Warwick: "He was a real ad man."

When television was young, featuring an unfazed John Camerson Swayze.

John Petersen Warwick, Adman Behind the Timex 'Torture Test' Campaign, Dies at 90.  (Advertising Age, 7/1/2016)
One of the most famous campaigns under Mr. Warwick's stewardship at the agency was the Timex "Torture Test." It was the first network TV campaign for Timex, which began at Hirshon-Garfield in 1956 and was moved to Warwick & Legler two years later. In the commericals, celebrity newscaster John Cameron Swayze conducted "torture tests" on the watch, including a live 1958 television spot to demonstrate the watch's durability after being attached to the front of a speedboat propeller in water.
"He took it to a new level with John Cameron Swayze and the speedboat propeller," Brian Warwick said. "It catapulted the brand."

Warwick Agency print ad from 1972.

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