Saturday, April 7, 2018

UPDATE: Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource fiddle while farm runoff pollutes the state's waterways

Reported in Failure and a call for patience amid rising farm pollution of state waters.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/7/2018)
State legislative leaders [Assembly Speaker Robin Vos?  Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald?] contacted by the Wisconsin State Journal didn’t respond to requests for comment. Gov. Scott Walker’s spokeswoman said the Department of Natural Resources could address the issue for him. 

Original 1/16/2016 post, "In so many words:  Wisconsin DOA mouthpiece Jim Dick sez, 'We're above the law'", starts here.

The Public Records Law itself provides penalties if a public official destroys a record after it has been requested, but it remains unclear if or when the DOA text messages were destroyed. Administration spokesman Jim Dick this week declined to provide answers about what happened to the texts the newspaper requested.

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