Sunday, August 23, 2015

"Sick and tired of Washington": Folks aren't expressing anything new, Reince

It has even been known to afflict the people we elect.

Hugh Sidey reporting for LIFE, The bored capital suddenly gets excited.  (3/29/1968)

Sen. tagline as reported in The 1994 Campaign:  Advertising.  (The New York Times, 10/16/1994)

John Boehner as quoted in GOP Leader Discusses Dems' Cramdown Bill, GOP Efforts to Help Americans Rebuild Their Savings, and the Need for More Accessible & Affordable Health Care.  (John Boehner blogpost, 3/4/2009)

Reince Priebus as quoted in Having Donald Trump in the race a 'net positive' for GOP.  (Capital Times, 8/23/2015)

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Anonymous said...

Also is people saying "They're all crooks", except for the representative from their district, he's a good dude. Especially if he shares the same political party.