Monday, April 20, 2015

A Madison Classic: Breese Stevens Athletic Field

From the City of Madison Parks website
Breese Stevens Athletic Field, located on 917 E. Mifflin Street, is a historical landmark owned and operated by the City of Madison Parks Division. It's used primarily as a soccer facility where area high schools including East, LaFollette, West, Memorial and Edgewood High, and Edgewood College and the Madison 56ers soccer team have all played.

A view from where Brearly crosses East Washington.

Historical timeline
  • 1923.  City block bordered by East Washington, North Brearly, East Mifflin, and North Paterson is purchased by the City of Madison from the widow of former Mayor Breese J. Stevens.
  • 1925.  City of Madison hires local architect Louis Clarke and Edward Starck to design facility.
  • 1926.  Construction completed.  (Dedicated on May 6.)
  • 1934.  Stone walls constructed, a federal Civil Works Administration project.
  • 1938.  Jesse Owens runs in 3 exhibition races.
  • 1941.  Warren Spahn pitches as a minor-leaguer for the Evansville Bees.
  • 1947.  Satchel Paige, pitcher for Kansas City Monarchs, notches a win against the Industrial League All-Stars, 14-5.
  • 1982.  Converted to a soccer facility.
  • 1995.  Designated as a City of Madison landmark. 
  • 2007.  Beginning of a series of renovations.
  • 2011.  Pressbox installed.

Madison Central, West, and East high schools played their football games here until the late 1960s.

A view from the east side of the field.

Photos by Retiring Guy

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