Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Scott Walker Posits Himself as a Name for the Future

Very troubling.  We have seen the future here in Wisconsin, and, to put it ineloquently, it really sucks. 

Scott Walker: GOP can’t have ‘another name from the past’.  Washington Times, 2/3/2015)
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker told Iowans Monday night that if the GOP is going to take on a “name from the past” in 2016 in former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, they can’t offer up the same — reiterating what could become a standard line of attack for some 2016 Republican hopefuls.

Nice try, David.  Did you forget that we still have a long and competitive primary season ahead of us?  Most people will assume this "standard line of attack" will be directed at another "name from the past".

 Walker needs to deal with Jeb before Hillary takes center stage.

A steadily growing list of 2016 Republican polling posts:
Adding up 1st and 2nd choices, we find that Scott Walker is tied with "Don't Know" in latest Fox News poll.  (1/30/2015)
Jeb Bush starts to break away from the pack in latest CNN/ORC poll.  (12/30/2014)
Jeb Bush on top with 14% in latest ABC News/Washington Post poll.  (12/19/2014) 
McClatchy-Marist poll of 1,140 national adults (December 3-9, 2014).  (12/16/2014)

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