Saturday, July 26, 2014

Manitowoc Public Library Looks for Suggestions to Close a $163,000 Budget Gap

Library leaders seek to close budget gap.  (Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter, 7/24/2014)

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According to the latest Wisconsin Public Library Service Data report, the Manitowoc Public Library has a total of 41,998 registered borrowers (27,832 residents and 14,166 non-residents).    Potential revenue is just under $210,000.   Of course, no one can expect that everyone will contribute.  In fact, I'd say that even 10%, or raising $21,000 from this new revenue source, is setting a high bar,

Current library policy requires a library card renewal every 2 years.  Unless this is changed, I'd have to lower the bar to $10,500.

In the matter of fines......

A headline in the August 25, 2009, Herald Times Reporter noted that "Manitowoc library tightens its policy on library fines".    A change in policy required that before a library card is renewed, all fines must be paid.  Patrons previously had $10 of wiggle room.  The library anticipated a $20,000 increase in fine revenue.  At the time, according to the article, fine revenue averaged $40,000 per year.  (Right now I'm having trouble loading recent City of Manitowoc budget documents.)

Anyway, I'd suggest focusing on a capital campaign if the goal is sustainable funding.

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