Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Big Oopsie for 'Young Gun' and House Whip Kevin McCarthy

House rejects extensions of Patriot Act provisions.  (Washington Post, 2/8/2011)

Excerpt: The Republicans, who took over the House last month, lost 26 of their own members, adding to the 122 Democrats who voted against it. Supporters say the three measures are vital to preventing another terrorist attack, but critics say they infringe on civil liberties. They appealed to the antipathy that newer and more conservative Republicans hold for big government invasions of individual privacy.

The Patriot Act bill would have renewed the authority for court-approved roving wiretaps that permit surveillance on multiple phones. Also addressed was Section 215, the so-called library records provision that gives the FBI court-approved access to "any tangible thing" relevant to a terrorism investigation

The vote tally.

Counting votes: Lesson 1.

As the article suggests, this is probably just a temporary setback.

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