Friday, December 4, 2009

Twoddler: Tongue Twister of the Day

Twoddler: Twittering Toddlers from Bart Swennen on Vimeo.

Via December 3 Mashable post, "Twoddler: the Baby Toy That Tweets".

Excerpt: Earlier this year we looked at devices that are integrating Twitter in remarkable ways, from enabling your plants to tweet when they need water to automated updates from bakeries when stuff comes fresh out of the oven.

Add another innovation to that list: the Twoddler. The prototype device, developed by a team at Hasselt University in Belgium, essentially hooks up a Fisher Price toy to a Twitter account, such that when the baby performs different actions, the account is updated.

Plants that tweet? What about a water softener that lets us know when we need to add more salt pellets?

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Joe Bongers said...

They never seem to have any vanilla pershings with nuts left at Festival. Bring on the bakery tweets!