Sunday, March 9, 2014

Nancy Goodwill Bonavita (1942-2014) Warren High School Class of 1960

Warren Times Observer obituary

It always intrigues me when an obituary omits a reference to a spouse.

The Bonavita surname is listed 11 times in the 1967 Warren City Directory.   No (Nancy).

The Bonavita surname is listed 20 times in the 1983 Warren City Directory.

One of the listings is for.....

Bonavita Dennis J & Nancy R; city editor Warren Times Observer h116 N Irvine St

Dennis Joseph Bonavita -- Flair for dramatic . . . never at a loss for words . . . high ideals -- is also a 1960 WHS graduate. 

Warren High School 1960 Dragon yearbook

Also on the page.
  • George's brother Larry graduated with me in '68.
  • Ginny's parents used to own Gnagey's Food Shop, a "corner grocery" just down the street from where the Rev. and his family lived.  It was known as Foreman's Market by the time we moved to Warren PA in 1957.  During the years (1961-65) that I had a paper route, I delivered the Sunday Erie Times to the Gnageys, who still lived in a 2nd-floor apartment above the store.  For this service, I collected 20 cents each week.  Ginny occasionally answered the door on these visits.

Class superlatives:  Most athletic
Best athletes:  Dick White, Nancy Goodwill

This song was moving up the charts quickly when the class of '60 graduated.

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