Monday, October 23, 2017

Wisconsin GOP legislative clusterfuck: Assembly Bill 206 re: UW System employees and abortions

Not enough room for all of the Waukesha County red dots.

UW doctors’ link to Planned Parenthood would be severed.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 10/18/2017)
Anti-abortion advocates, and a Republican U.S. Senate candidate, clashed with University of Wisconsin medical school leaders Tuesday over a proposal that would end an arrangement allowing UW doctors to perform abortions and train students at Planned Parenthood. The bill would make it illegal for UW employees to train medical residents, or perform abortions, at Planned Parenthood or any other private facility where abortions are done, other than hospitals.

Other clusterfuck post:
Troglodyte alert: The most conservative GOP members of the WI state legislature love this lock-them-up bill.  (10/13/2017)
UPDATE. Janel Brandtjen's school referendum bill creates another Wisconsin clusterfuck.

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