Saturday, March 2, 2019

UPDATE. More mau-mauing from Michelle Malkin

Mau-mauing reported at Michelle Malkin attacks the 'ghost of John McCain' in immigration talk at CPAC.  (USA Today, 3/1/2019)

According to Merriam-Webster, the first-known use of mau-mau occurred in 1970.  

Other coinages from the same year:
  1. anxiety disorder
  2. head-in-the-sand
  3. self-catering
  4. suck-up
  5. weird out
  6. wigged out
  7. yucky

Original 7/24/2017 post, "Michelle "Mau-mau" Malkin hitches her dim conservative star to Maxine Waters", starts here.

If you know anything abnout Michelle, it's exactly for the reason you think.  (The stiletto pen sez it all.  And as for mau-mau.....)

Photo credit:  Top Talk Radio Guests

Reported in Michelle Malkin launches ‘conservatives for Maxine Waters for president’ — but not for the reason you may think.  (The Blaze, 7/23/2017)

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