Tuesday, September 12, 2017

It's off to Epic we go UPDATE. $12 million Northern Lights Road/County Trunk Highway PD project is finished

5/4/2017 UPDATE, "Return to Town of Verona (WI) county trunk highway PD", starts here.

Looking south on a washboard-like Woods Roads to county trunk highway PD  intersection.

1st video (red arrow)
2nd video (purple arrows)
Photo (yellow arrow)

Yellow rectangle shows location without larger frame.

Original 4/18/2017 post, "Driving in the Town of Verona (WI) on county trunk highway PD", starts here.

Video by Retiring Guy

PD waits while Nine Mound continues.  (ConnectVerona.com, 4/14/2016)
A year later, the project is underway.  Montpas and city administrator Bill Burns told the Press this week the city is exploring the use of condemnation – better known as eminent domain – to ensure the $12 million project to improve the Epic-afflicted traffic goes through. But that process can often takes six months, they said in a series of emails to the Press. And Montpas said the PD project can’t begin until every piece of right-of-way is purchased.

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