Tuesday, June 20, 2017

UPDATE for the chattering class: Joe Biden will be 77 in the year leading up to the 2020 Presidential election

Not much more than a name recognition survey.

The Most Popular 2020 Democratic Prospect Not Named Joe Biden. Morning Consult, 6/17/2017)
The June 8-June 12 survey asked registered Democratic voters if they had favorable or unfavorable view of 19 Democratic politicians who are viewed as possible contenders to challenge President Donald Trump in 2020 if he runs for re-election.

Original 3/22/2017 post, "Missing the point.  Early presidential handicapping is poll and pundit driven"
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Opined at Cut the 2020 talk. Now. (Kentwired.com, 3/21/2017)

Articles referred to by DiPaolo in his op-ed:

On the heels of McCain's 2008 loss to Obama.

Source:  Rasmussen Reports 
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On the heels of Romney's 2012 loss to Obama.

Brian has a point.  These very early polls are wholly worthless.  (Sarah Palin at 64%??!!)  

But he misses the key point that they are poll-and-pundit-not-party-driven exercises.

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