Monday, December 19, 2016

How white is Gardendale Alabama compared to Jefferson County?

Birmingham (22.3% white) is the county seat of Jefferson County.

Source:  U.S. Census Bureau Quickfacts (2010 data)

Gardendale is located 15 miles north of Birmingham.

This Mostly White City Wants To Leave Its Mostly Black School District.  (NPR, 12/19/2016)
Several years ago, voters in Gardendale raised property taxes on themselves to try and start their own school district. The mayor of the city, Stan Hogeland, says the proposal to leave the county school system doesn't have anything to do with race, but calls it a move to do what's best for the kids in the city. "If we had our school system, with a local superintendent, and a local board that lives in town, that you see when you go shopping or at church," there would be more accountability, he says.

Meet the Gardendale City Council

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