Friday, October 5, 2012

Scott Walker Sez

From the 10/5/2012 e-update From the Desk of Governor Scott Walker

Unlike other states, Wisconsin faced economic and political uncertainty over the last year, and our continued private sector job growth is good news

Unlike other states?  (Gotta wonder if ALEC is writing these e-updates.)




I am particularly pleased with the gains in the manufacturing sector, which make up a huge portion of our state’s economy.

Total number of nonfarm Wisconsin jobs (August 2012):  2,724,600  (Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development)
  • Goods producing:  525,900 (including 446,500 manufacturing jobs, a decrease of 4,500 from July 2012)
  • Private service producing:  1,787,600
  • Government:  411,200, an increase of 3,500 from July 2012.

Report: Wisconsin ranks 38th in creating new jobs.

Report says state lost 11,700 private sector jobs in June.

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