Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Unnamed Buyers Offer $200,000 for Pomona Public Library's Citrus Label Collection

Group makes offer to buy Citrus Label Collection housed in Pomona Public Library. (Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, 7/30/2012)

Excerpt: The city's Public Library is home to many historic treasures and at least one has sparked interest from a group of buyers. 

Library Director Bruce Guter recently told members of the Library Board of Trustees that a group had expressed interest in purchasing the Citrus Label Collection for $200,000. 

The labels are part of the library collection and consist of about 4,000 fruit labels that packing houses placed on crates in the early 20th Century. 

The elaborate and brightly colored labels identified the product and its source in addition to serving as a way to market the fruit. Most have California labels, but the collection includes some from other states, Guter said. 

The name of the buyers has not been released.

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