Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Tea Party: Always on Message

It's no surprise to me that what passes for journalism nowadays vociferously takes Occupy Wall Street protesters to task for not having a uniform message.  What incipient, truly grass-roots movement ever does?


in particular, seem to have forgotten their "come-to-papa" moments with Astroturf.

You want a uniform message?
Check out these examples.  (So much from which to choose.)
The 45 Dumbest Signs At The 9/12 Tea Party Rally.   (BuzzFeed)
Tea party rally signs ideas!  (Meridian Tea Party, 9/9/09)
Signs of the Times: Slogans and Images From the Tea Party Rally.   (The Atlantic, 9/13/2010)

And here's one of my own.

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