Friday, January 7, 2011

More Information and Less Time to Analyze It

Link to January 7 San Jose Mercury News column by Mike Cassidy, "Tech revolution changing our world view".

Excerpt: If you've read anything out of this week's Consumer Electronics Show (and face it, you can't avoid it), you've heard how the tablets and smartphones are coming or are here or have taken over the world. Forrester Research says 82 million Americans will be staring at tablet screens by 2015. Smartphone sales will grow to 72 million phones this year, up 31 percent, the Consumer Electronics Association says.

Of course, information has never been perfect, no matter how it's been delivered. It is provided by imperfect people and is open to vagueness and imprecision. And as we hurtle deeper into an era of fast-twitch data bombarding us 24/7, the trend will be for information to become less perfect just as the time for consumers to evaluate and analyze it further deteriorates

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