Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Republican "Jobs" Bills Being Circulated for Co-Sponsors

Rep. Joel Kleefisch hits the ground running.

  • Expanding the ability of minors under 12 to drive ATVs.
  • Proposed constitutional amendment to require 2/3 vote on tax increases.
  • Permitting off-duty law enforcement officers to carry firearms on school property.
  • Sales and use tax exemption for residential electricity and natural gas use.
  • Placing theft of services under theft statute.
  • Repeal of Same Day Voter Registration.
  • Changes affecting felonies related to retail theft.
  • Providing arrest authority for civil forfeitures.
  • Excluding stairway chair lifts and other lifts in private residential units from permit and licensing requirements.
  • Changing domestic violence “no contact” violations from civil forfeiture to criminal penalty.
  • Prohibiting sex offenders from being on school grounds unless the school is notified.
  • Property tax exemption for machinery and tangible personal property used for research – excluding stem cell research.
  • Repeal Sunday sales prohibition on sales of motor vehicles.
  • Increasing penalties for battering or threatening to harm a witness in a criminal case.
  • Requiring convicted drunk drivers to pay for the cost of blood sampling and analysis
Emphasis added.

1/3/2011 Wisconsin State Journal, "As Walker vows job-creation, GOP lawmakers float bills focused on social issues".    But before the ceremony, Republican lawmakers were already circulating a series of bills that had as much to do with a conservative social agenda as they did with the economy.  [...as much to do with....???]

1/4/2011 Appleton Post-Crescent, "GOP lawmakers introduce a slew of social bills".  Wisconsin Republicans promised the next two years would be all about jobs, jobs, jobs. Just not right away.

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Anonymous said...

Excluding stem cell research in the tax exemption is crazy, and I'd imagine the stem cell folks might have a legal case of discrimination. I can't imagine a sound argument based on reason and financial facts that could be offered that excludes one type of business over all others.