Thursday, May 6, 2010

Laconia High School Students to Get Netbooks

Link to May 6 Fond du Lac Reporter article.

Excerpt:   Beginning this fall, all students at Laconia High School will have access to their own personal laptops.

The Rosendale-Brandon Board of Education recently approved implementation of a 1 to 1 computing program called Netbooks@Laconia.

The leasing program will equip each student with their own Netbook, which is a smaller version of a laptop, said John Saecker, the district's technology director.

Teens will take their Netbooks home with them at night and during the summer.

The program is meant to address the "digital divide" in which not all students have a computer connected to broadband Internet access, Saecker said.

"The mission of the school district 'small school values, large school opportunities' was reflected in the School Board's decision," Saecker said.

The district will purchase about 320 Netbooks for students using technology funds and available federal stimulus money earmarked for technology enhancement in schools

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Tasha said...

Thanks for posting this Paul. I'm very proud of my dad for creating this program and others at Laconia.