Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Textbook to E-book Debate Continues

Link to April 15 Webster University Journal article, "The e-book switch: more problems than solutions?"  (via Resource Shelf)

Excerpt: Technology is improving. There is no doubt about that. But with new technology, there is a price. And for Webster University students, that price comes right out of their wallets.

The School of Communications would like to become more eco-friendly and go green. The idea is to completely switch from standard textbooks to e-texts and to have only one book for all of the mass media classes.

This idea is ludicrous. Mass media is a very broad subject, covering newsprint, magazines, broadcast journalism, photography, web design, public speaking and more. How can one book, even an e-text, begin to cover all these media?

It can't

Anya Orzel goes on to describe 4 problems with e-readers as a replacement for textbooks.

1.  3-4 hours of use on a fully-charged battery.
2.  Price, as in who's gonna foot the bill?
3.  Lack of sufficient storage space for note-taking.
4.  Academic freedom

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