Saturday, January 6, 2018

It may be abominably cold where you live, but "Meanwhile In Australia, Part Of A Highway Is Literally Melting"

Meanwhile In Australia, Part Of A Highway Is Literally Melting.  (NPR, 1/5/2018)
Police in Victoria, in the country's southeast, warned motorists Friday "to expect delays and to avoid the right-hand lane of the Hume Freeway." The reason? "There is a 10km stretch of road that is melting."   
A spokesperson for the department told local media the lofty temperatures hitting the region — upwards of 100 degrees Fahrenheit and climbing — have combined with heavy traffic to reactivate a key ingredient in the road surface, rendering it a sticky muddle in places.

Still a lot of red and orange on the weather map.

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Melbourne weather: Saturday's scorcher puts the heat on firefighters.  (Sydney Morning  Herald, 1/7/2018)
Firefighters battled more than 100 blazes across Victoria on Saturday as the mercury reached a high of 42 in Melbourne and residents in several suburbs on the city's south-eastern fringe were evacuated as a fire threatened homes. 
There were 114 grass or scrub fires and 25 structure fires in the 24 hours to 6pm, State Control Centre figures show.

42 Celsius = 107.6 Fahrenheit.

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