Sunday, April 9, 2017

Be Bop 'N' Holla by Andy Fairweather Low

Title cut from his 1976 release, which never charted on Billboard'sTop 200 Albums.  (None of his albums did, for that matter.)

The musicians:
Drums:  Henry Spinetti
Percussion:  Julian Diggle
Bass/harmony vocals:  John David
All keyboards:  Rabbit (as he's listed in the credits here(
Electric guitar and vocals:  AFL

At some point during the mid-1970s, I stumbled upon the music of Andy Fairweather Low.  It's not likely I heard any of his songs on the radio, so it must have been the result of one of my many serendipitous selections while studiously browsing the bins of whatever record store I found myself in.  (And there were many.)  

Although I have no solid evidence, I'm pretty sure I worked forward from Spider Jiving (1974) rather than backward from Be Bop 'N' Holla (1976).

And the guy's still making music

My younger son purchased the turntable and speakers as a Christmas gift, which now allows me to listen to the vinyl recordings I've held onto for years -- the ones I never found in a CD format.  (Up until the point when I was still buying music in a tangible format.)

Like it or not, you can expect more of these types of posts.

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