Thursday, February 4, 2016

How telling: Scott Walker has to depend on out-of-state donors to pay off his Presidential campaign debt

As quoted in Presidential campaign on track to repay debt this year.  (, 2/4/2016)

Wisconsinites, apparently, are keeping a tight grip on their wallets when it comes to their Governor.

Walker’s State Campaign Raised Nearly 90 Percent from Outside Wisconsin.  (Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, 7/22/2015)
A campaign finance report filed Monday by the governor’s state campaign committee, Friends of Scott Walker, showed the committee raised a total of nearly $5.6 million from individuals between January and June 2015. Nearly $4.8 million, or 87 percent, of his individual contributions came from outside Wisconsin.

Related reading:
Walker ends 2015 with $20,000 in state campaign fund. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/15/2016)
He raised $514,000 during the 2nd half of 2016.  10% of itemized individual contributions came from Wisconsin donors.

[Dollar emphasis added.]

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