Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Scott Walker's jobs focus: Twice bitten in Jefferson County

Scott Walker wins 60.8% of the vote over Tom Barrett in 2010.

Scott Walker wins 60.0% of the vote over Mary Burke in 2014.

County declared ‘in distress’. (Daily Union, 12/21/2015)
'During the past year', when Walker's primary focus was running for President.  Jefferson County has been declared “distressed” in the wake of [1] Tyson Foods Inc.’s recent announcement that it will be closing its century-old Jefferson plant next year. 
Tyson’s pending closure, planned for mid-2016, was one of the area’s many business shutdowns during the past year. Other area companies experiencing layoffs include [2] McCain Foods, [3] Multicolor Eaton in Watertown and [4] Littelfuse in Lake Mills. Together, roughly 1,000 jobs will be lost, Gen­evieve Coady, director of the Jefferson County Economic Development Consortium, told Jefferson County officials on Thursday.  (numbering and bold red added)

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