Thursday, May 28, 2015

Another reason to catalog Rand Paul's recent book as 'fiction'

CNN Falls For "Tree Hugger" Rand Paul's Faux Environmentalism.  (Media Matters for American, 5/27/2015)

"Oh, you mean I'm supposed to research this stuff?"
But while CNN took at face value that Paul "believes in clean air and clean water," Paul actually has a very long history of opposing air and water safeguards, according to the League of Conservation Voters' (LCV) National Environmental Scorecard.

See Schleifer's by-the-numbers 'reportage' here.

Sidebar:  There's just 1 hold on 2 copies of Rand Paul's Taking a Stand in LINKcat.  Perhaps the book should have been titled Faking a Stand.

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Based on the Journal Sentinel headline, I'd suggest cataloging this book as fiction.  (5/22/2015)

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