Friday, June 14, 2013

Wisconsin State Senator Mary Lazich: Theatrics for Me but not for Thee

Sen. Lazich begins.  "Thank you, Mr. President, thank you very much... and the ...uh...uh...theatrics surrounding the former presentation as well all know those of us who look at the bill and read the bill, it exempts rape and incest, so some of the theatrics, please uh....uh....please know that...uh... as those that read the bill and understand that.

She starts to ramp it up after the 1:00 mark.

"Do we really have to go through all this?"

Hopefully, someday in the not too distant future, most people will look back on this period of Wisconsin political history and call it a "GREAT, BIG, FAT FLOP".  (Sound of a glass being smashed.)

Some of us, of course, have already reached this conclusion.

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