Friday, May 17, 2013

A Proposal to Create an Obesity Map for Eau Claire, Wisconsin

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City of Eau Claire considers "obesity map"

Excerpt:  Eau Claire's Comprehensive Plan has a health chapter. It's a lengthy document designed to encourage healthy living. There are many ways a city could go about doing that. One of several ideas the city is proposing is an "obesity map". 

City of Eau Claire Associate Planner, Ned Noel, says, "So that the map would describe possible areas that people are more overweight." 

 It's a unique step that's never been done in Eau Claire before. The data would be calculated usingthe body mass index. 

"By mapping we can get a sense of what neighborhoods in the community that might need some more attention," says Lieska Giese, with the Eau Claire City-County Health Department.

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Anonymous said...

Are they also going to do a smoker's map and a drinker's map? How about closing some bars?