Monday, January 28, 2013

How to Make a Young Child Smarter. Evidence From the Database of Raising Intelligence. (Perspectives on Psychological Science, January 2013)

Excerpt:   With one exception, interventions that begin after the child is 42 months old do not raise the IQ; however, in the random effects model, age is not a significant moderator. In each of these interventions, children and their parents engage with storybook reading in an interactive way. The child is an active participant in the reading, with the adult encouraging the child to be as elaborate as possible. With one exception, these interventions do not appear to raise the IQ if the child is more than 4 years old (see Table 3). Why might this be the case? It is possible that interactive reading does not raise a young child’s intelligence but instead merely accelerates language development, which boosts IQ. If this is the case, once the child’s level of language development is more advanced, added demands may no longer act as accelerants.

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