Friday, August 19, 2011

The Tea Party is Over in Wisconsin, Part 3

And elsewhere, it appears.

Thanks to Kris Adams Wendt for sharing some informative "current events" background.   In this particular post, I've added some context to a Tea Party Express news release, which, as she notes, contains enough spin "to transmit a permanent case of vertigo".

Tea Party Express: Recall battles finally over in Wisconsin - Tea Party has won the war (8/17/2011)

Jobs return to Wisconsin; majority of voters oppose recall of Governor Walker


With the final recall elections yesterday, the Wisconsin state senate recalls have come to an end. The Tea Party Express ( put a coalition of conservative groups together to help fight the battles, and is pleased that the message of fiscal responsibility has won the war.

The world turned upside down.

Tea Party Express Chair Amy Kremer said, "We did not pick this fight. Special interest groups and national public unions started pumping money into Wisconsin in an effort to punish elected officials who did the right thing and stood up for a balanced budget and sound economy. We came to their defense and through many battles, conservatives have won the war of ideas, preserving a Republican majority in the state senate, and stopping cold an attempted takeover of the state supreme court by the environmental activist JoAnne Kloppenburg."

Hmm, what happens when you Google "envionrmental activitist JoAnne Kloppenburg"?

Your results are 20 links to the usual Tea Party suspects.

Leaders at Tea Party Express see the election results in Wisconsin as proof that the voters choose fiscal responsibility over union bullying and control. What's more, Governor Walker's plan appears to be working. So far this year, some 40,000 private sector jobs [emphasis added]  have been created in the state, and a projected budget shortfall of nearly three billion dollars has been closed.

WI Department of Workforce Development

Spokesman Levi Russell said, "What the people of Wisconsin have accomplished is an extraordinary success story. They have balanced their budget, added jobs, and brought greater economic prosperity to the state. Those results are something other states, not to mention the US federal government, would do well to duplicate."

Wisconsinites have already noticed the positive changes. According to a recent PPP survey, a majority of voters oppose a recall of Governor Scott Walker. Voters are growing weary of the ongoing recalls and political theatre being stage by the left, and just want to see their politicians get back to work.

They're also growing weary of the Tea Party movement.

Poll:  Tea party less popular than Muslims, atheists.  (Daily Caller, 8/16/2011)

In final Wisconsin recall, signs of a national tea party backlash?  (Christian Science Monitor, 8/16/2011.  Excerpt:   If both Democrats prevail, however, the election could offer further evidence that the country's broad political middle is swinging back left after the tea party triumphs of last November. The composition of Wisconsin's electorate almost exactly matches America's, polls suggest, meaning that the state is emerging as a microcosm of the national political mood, which makes it a crucial bellwether in the 2012 national election.)

Is the tea party over?  By Clarence Page.  (Chicago Tribune, 8/7/2011)

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